My viewpoint.

Since childhood, I've been experimenting with form, which helps me dress my stories, pain, joy, and experiences in a visually available format. To reveal secrets while still keeping them. 

multi something...

I present (or rather not) as a free and questing personality. A freelancer exploring non-existent meanings and finding ironic self-expression through art; one who finds it difficult to accept the forced-upon dogma; one whose rebellion doesn't turn into aggression but a genuine contemporary commodity -- a performance called life. It involves telling stories in my own words. Cutting myself open with a dull knife. Keeping a light smile despite real pain. On the borderline. I'm walking a tightrope. I'm balancing. I'm controlling my axis. In the direct and indirect sense. 

To explore, observe, experience, understand, help, try, keep from falling, not be shy, talk, love, live...

Why? Because I can't be any different. Ever since I remember myself. A curse or luck? Will it take me to the precipice or summits?  Who the fuck knows.. and it's the process that matters in the end. 

In performance, the process is the result.  In life, the present delineates the meaning unavailable to me. 

In art, I adjust the versions of answers to my existential questions. I use different instruments, methods, professions, and techniques to achieve maximum proximity to the feeling, which is the over-feeling of the moment.

I want to continue my journey in the unlimited art world, gathering ever new impressions. 

I want to swim in satisfaction with my discoveries. To be happy about conquering new summits and the deepest depths. To divide, distribute, give, and give away what I have achieved. It's important to me to share my adventures and feelings. I think that was the purpose for which I was created. So there is no difference what "language" is being used. The big thought finds a way to materialize. Regardless, whether I want it or not. 

What about you?